Writing scripts is a boon for Google Workspace guys. You can add functionality to drive files that did not exist by default. Sending emails on a schedule (I wrote an article on it previously — https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/sending-emails-schedule-google-apps-script-akshit-baunthiyal/), sharing calendars out, changing user licenses, etc. …

Ever wondered how you would automate tasks in Google Workspace without using a tool developed by an external entity? Google has your back.

We have something called Apps Script that allows us to add functionality to drive files like sheets, forms, docs, etc.

In this article, we will see how…

Recently, I came across an issue which I couldn’t figure the solution of. A user, even though was allowed to share data outside the domain, still could not add external users to a shared drive. Talking about Google Drive here.

Some things to note -

  • Data sharing outside the domain…

Akshit Baunthiyal

I'm a Google Workspace admin who sometimes dabbles in code.

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